Gizmo a Bengal Tabby mix, showing off his colours.

Picture of Gizmo, a Bengal Tabby mix

This picture of Gizmo, a Bengal Tabby mix shows off his rosettes and stripes, some of his Bengal characteristics.

Some of his behavior also coincides with what I read about Bengal cats.

For example he has a love of water and for long games of fetch.

Gizmo is a Bengal mix, his mother is a Bengal and father a Grey Tabby.

It’s not the best picture I’ve ever taken, everything is a little, or a lot out of focus.

So why choose it?

I like Gizmo’s pose and the way it shows off his coat, I guess sometimes you have to sacrifice quality for substance?

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Wrestlemania! Cats Play fighting?

cats play fighting

This is Gizmo and Claudius having their daily tussle in the garden.

Sometimes I think their antics gets out of hand but I try not to intervene. Thankfully they always seem to finish up on friendly terms.

Claudius is an elderly gent who likes the outdoors.
Meanwhile Gizmo is still a Kitten at about ten months. He hasn’t yet ventured beyond the back garden.

I used the burst feature on my camera to obtain this action shot of which I am quite proud. I thought the caption was apt?

I’m not sure whether or not captioning pictures is a good idea?

I come across so many captioned Cat pictures on the internet I felt it was the thing to do?

Here’s a good article on “play fighting”

Video of Claudius and Gizmo playing in the Garden Gizmo and the ever Patient Claudius