Introducing, 4 Different Cats


Mio is a moody cat, when we first saw her at the rescue centre she looked very cute sitting alone in her cage, the attendant offered to take her out for a closer look and as soon as she put her hands near her the cute little kitten scratched and bit them with vigor, “ this one’s a character” she said, undeterred we took her home …..


A friend of a friend’s “Bengal” cat was impregnated by a random stray and was now looking for good homes for the kittens, we obliged, Our kitten looked a little like a cute gremlin so naturally he became Gizmo, Gizmo is wired! He’s still officially a kitten so may settle but I really hope he doesn’t.


Claudius lives in our garden shed, he’s our neighbors cat who doesn’t like the indoors, since the neighbors got a dog he spends most of his time in our garden and they feed him on the garden wall, if closely approached Claudius will run away, however the garden table is his petting zone, once there he can be petted and he is very affectionate.


Louis is also the neighbors cat, he’s a posh British Shorthair and was a very expensive kitten, he’s a bit of a slut and doesn’t really care what house he’s in provided he’s been pampered. I’ve seen him enter and exit a number of houses in the neighborhood, he’s also a bit miffed with the introduction of the dog next door and is also fed on the dividing wall.

More to follow …….